Become a Brand

What/Who is the Brand?

Brand is something,which distinguishes you or your business in a superior manner from others or other businesses.It may be your logo, name, term, symbol, catch, line, unique selling proposition, style of wearing clothes or anything that distinguishes you. The important thing to understand that it has to distinguish you in a superior manner!

How to become a brand?

When you distinguish yourself or your business in a superior manner form others, you become a brand. The first step in becoming superior is “your presentation” to other or your peer group or your customer base “your presentation” is your design and creativity to showcase your best features in the best manner possible.

Small Business

If you are a small business, sometimes you think for a creative solutions, great designs are a monopoly of big companies since they have the money to hire big advertising agencies. This is not true; we at bella99 will make sure that you will have great designs solutions and brand surrogates, which will match best of brands. This way you will be able to distinguish your business in a superior manner over all the competition. This gives you a chance to get into the big league, increase customer awareness and quality of your brand, and create an identity for your business – finally Become a Brand! Becoming a Brand will expand your business, build your image and help you institutionalize a stronger presence in comparison to your competition.


If you are an artist or an author, image is everything. The depiction of your art in terms of paintings, music or whatever your expertise is – on social platforms, on your show tickets or on your visiting cards is critical. You need to distinguish yourself in a superior manner. You need high quality design solutions to make sure; you have the best Facebook cover design or Twitter cover design, best visiting card design or best flyer design for your upcoming show. But you may perceive that all that may be very expensive! Bella99 is here to help you with all these requirements, deliver you best designs like the ones used by established artists in only $9.9 solutions.  We will provide you the identity you deserve – which will impress your current and prospect clients and fans. So what are you waiting for, Become a Brand!


Everyone wants to be special and everyone is special in some way or the other. You deserve that attention and praise in life. So be special, be the star, show your best qualities on your Facebook page, twitter page, Linkedin profile, G+ page, instagram page, whatapp profile or snapchat profile. Stop hunting for the best photos for your profile pages, let us do it for you. Bella99 will create the high quality social mastheads, party invites and photo editing for you to make you the star, you deserve to be! And all that in just $9.9! So what are you waiting for, go ahead, Become a brand!